Diya special features each new product will be interpreted as a concept

State special Diya Clothing Co., Ltd under the Hong Kong Good Luck International Fashion Group Co., Ltd., is a collection of apparel production and sales as one of the specialized brand women's enterprises.


The company has "special Diya" brand taste elegant clothing, fabrics, pay attention to texture, keep up with the world trend, emphasizing the freedom with the style of urban women.


"Unique Diya" in simple yet elegant, ladies yet stylish, this design concept, the "Hong Kong" the capital of the Oriental fashion luxury, sophisticated infiltration in every detail of the brand. Bring to pay attention to wearing self, fashion experience of a kind of attitude to life. "Special Diya" in product development and brand image has been closely follow the fashion trend, fashion lifestyle and hobbies, the "special Diya" series of fashion products and fashion culture passed to consumers. In the context of the trend of dress trend, "special Diya" focus on innovative spirit and innovative approach. Each new product will be interpreted as a concept.

Pendants are generally a special shape of the main body, and then connected with rope or metal chain, especially to meet Europeans and Americans! However, the metal is hard. If the process is not good, it is easy to hurt the neck, so you should pay special attention when purchasing.

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