El Salvador increased its textile and garment imports by 13.4% last year

According to statistics from the Central Bank of El Salvador, exports to the Saskatchewan (2011) amounted to 5,388.8 million U.S. dollars, a growth of 74%; imports amounted to 10.11.8 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 19.1%, and the trade deficit amounted to 4.8 billion U.S. dollars, compared to 2010. The same period of the year was US$3.998.9 billion, an increase of 20.3%.

In 2011, the export of traditional products in El Salvador was dominated by coffee, cane sugar and shrimp, and the export amount was US$597.3 million, a growth of 74%;

Among them, prices rose and exports increased. Exports amounted to US$464 million, up by 117.7%, and sucrose exports amounted to US$123.6 million. It also performed brilliantly.

For non-traditional products, the export volume in 2011 was 3.51 billion US$10.5 million.

El Salvador’s imports in 2011 increased its intermediaries by 24%, consumer products by 14.7%, capital goods by 18.5%, and imports of textiles and clothing by 13.4%.

The average annual price of crude oil was US$109.4 per barrel, which was 40% higher than that of 2010. Although the import volume of El Salvador’s crude oil decreased, the expenditure increased by 25.5%, and the total amount of imported oil for the year was US$1.692 billion. Imports in Central America grew by 20.4%.

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