Fashion trend of fast-fashion leader Dutch giant WE brand Shenyang store New Year's Day opened

Earliest originated in Europe, "fast fashion" concept, in recent years gradually become familiar to us. The big brands usually only introduce spring and summer, autumn and winter clothing, while the "fast fashion" brands (H & M, ZARA, WE, etc.) not only pursue the design style of big brands but also draw the bright spots of these big brand products. - Half a step ahead of the product to the market is another advantage of them. They gather through the latest international big-name conference and other channels to collect fashion information integration, and then production and sales, from design to produce the finished product, the extraordinary speed, but the price is only one-tenth of similar models of the international big names. Follow the popular rhythm, but half a step ahead of the popular, is the so-called "fast fashion." All the elements are the most fashionable, the most popular, the most avant-garde moment, launched much faster than the major brands, the price is the general public can pursue the fashion range, naturally better than the big names more people chase and love . So "fast fashion" how much "fast" it? For example, from your T stage to see a brand of a popular style, the product's release to it in all stores around the world, do you know the shortest time? It is 15 days. This is a fast blitz in the apparel industry. Big brands just released a fashion week, the media is still commenting enough time, they have already put into action. Some people will ask it is not intellectual property right? Not too! They learn from the essence of these brands, but not the copy, the most important is the concept, and every year to give the International Luxury Association a lot of money, so these big brands do not find their child, to avoid intellectual property dispute. These brands have a strong design team, and big brands are different, "Fast Fashion" brand design team located in the world, and with the seasonal fashion trends to do their own design. Therefore, "fast fashion" is also a whole industry chain integration. Around the local headquarter of a fast-fashion brand, there are usually many villages specializing in garment processing for the brand. The brand designers follow the latest fashion all through the night. Once the design is finished, the samples are given to the purchasing department and the raw materials are bought as soon as possible , Followed by a professional division of collar, sleeve, lace, etc. They dug tunnels under the village to create a conveyor belt, turning all the villages into a large workshop with conveyor belts. This is why the brand's production cycle has become very short. From the designer to the procurement, the cost, they have a great warehouse reserves, cut after sewing, processing is very fast, some get abroad to processing, in the local and built a similar production system, there is no external production, Speed ​​is hard to compare. Mentioned fast-fashion clothing brand, we first think of is ZARA, H & M, then, the real "fast fashion" who is the originator? Many people may think it is ZARA. In fact, it is the new Dutch brand WE into China. Compared with the global rivals H & M and ZARA, WE entered China for at least 3 years later. However, it is interesting to note that WE was founded 30 years earlier than H & M and WE originated in 1917. Compared with H & M's 1947 and ZARA's 1975, WE is a truly century-old enterprise. As a result, Some people call WE fast fashion industry's "originator." In the fast fashion ancestor WE 摁 grid cutting fabric, the other competing is still in the long wait stage before. WE brand from the European fashion kingdoms Netherlands, not only affordable, fashion is also high, or "fast fashion" the earliest origin. WE in the Netherlands every year to sell six million T-shirts, two hundred thousand sets. Of course, Chinese consumers will not just focus on WE sales or brand awareness, but also more concerned about the price of clothing, quality and fashion. WE overall style is more inclined to be casual, simple and neat, not too fancy and complicated design, it allows you to easily form their own dress style, suitable for hard-working workplace white-collar workers. WE entered China in the beginning of 2011, WE brand continue to roll out sales stores in the country. One after another in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Ningbo, Chongqing, Shenyang, Suzhou, Wenzhou and other first and second tier cities unveiled, sought after fans in an endless stream. January 1, 2012, Shenyang's second branch - Dragon Dream Mall F1F-08/09/10 will also be the first floor opening, the friends of the Northeast more than a play dress up Selectively. Shenyang Dragon Dream in a ring inside, only 1.8 km from the Shenyang Imperial Palace. According to the survey, there are 12 million consumer groups in the Shenyang city. There are 23 million consumer groups in the Greater Shenyang Economic Circle and 100 million consumer groups in the northeast consumer circle in the surrounding cities. The super-scale department store in this shopping mall is a city New landmark, it will become Shenyang's shopping center, but also for business to create huge profits and immeasurable consumer prospects. It is in such a place full of business opportunities and hope, WE Shenyang two stores is about to open, highlighting the pioneers of fast fashion beachhead China's fashion market ambitions and a veritable "fast." I believe soon people in Shenyang and Northeast China will be able to experience fast fashion pioneer WE to bring you the unparalleled fashion experience. First-class image, second-rate products, third-rate prices; fast, stylish, civilians. Fast fashion will be popular in the international arena into the wardrobe of ordinary beauty. Willing to spend huge amounts of money to hire luxury designers, international superstar to join, or from time to time with the big names co-operation; site selection and luxury brands, spared no expense. The existence of fast fashion brand is - do not create fashion, but fashion. Therefore, the trend of people saying something good: "In the fashion industry, inventory is like food, quickly spoiled." Fast fashion brand to do everything is to reduce production time, the fastest pace of the T station pulled to life in. Fashion is the need for speed, by changing the speed of fashion, and constantly strengthen the speed of fashion consumption and out of fashion, so breaking the fashion laws, ordinary people and even celebrities are also happy to enjoy the fast fashion brand to bring the trend of fun. DisplayAd ();

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