Multi-function marching device: dome-shaped pot

Multi-function marching device: dome-shaped pot When the Qin Dynasty marched to war, the soldiers not only had to carry Gothic armor and other combat objects, but also had the tools of cooking water and making rice. The pot-shaped pot was one of the essential items. The pot-shaped pot, as its name suggests, is named after a cocoon, and some people call it a duck pot.

Speaking of pot-shaped pots, its role is not small. It is a utility for water or wine, and other gray pottery of the same age. Its appearance is unique and beautiful. In fact, this appearance not only has high aesthetic value, but also very practical. It is conceivable that this shape of the object is hung on the horse's back to facilitate fixing. When the horse is walking, it is not easy to fall over, and the liquid contained therein does not easily overflow.

According to relevant texts, the bow-shaped device is used not only in life but also as a military scouting device. During the Warring States period, the princes competed with each other for tyrants, and a small number of nomadic peoples in the west frequently invaded. Therefore, this peculiarly shaped and hollow interior artifact was given another special mission. The soldiers buried them underground and placed their ears. Adhere to the place of the buried pot to listen to the horseshoe sounds of the enemy cavalry soldiers in the distance to speculate on the movement of the enemy. This fully reflects the intelligence and wisdom of the ancients, and also reflects the value of the artifacts.

The four Han-shaped pots I saw in my friend’s house, Mr. Li’s home, all had lip, short neck, and ring-shaped feet. The abdomen had a horizontally long elliptical shape. The body was dark with a string ornament. In my opinion, it is better to call it a "fish bowl pot." The name of the pot-shaped or duck-shaped pot is only for its partial pictograms, and ignores the neck and bottom feet of the pot-shaped pot. From the entire model, the pot-shaped pot is like a fishing rod carried by a fisherman.

The pot-shaped pot was originally produced by the Qin State during the Warring States Period and was prevalent in the Han Dynasty. Later it was passed to North Korea. In the Tang Dynasty's blue and white glaze, pot-shaped pots are also common.


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