The 14th Dongguan Shoes Exhibition is cold

The 14th Dongguan Shoes Exhibition is cold

The concept shoes with Chinese style design attract eyeballs. Southern Reporter Fang Guangming

Characteristic concept shoes. Southern Reporter Fang Guangming

“Now Dongguan shoe companies are in a painful transition. We admit that business is difficult to do is an objective fact, but we never thought of giving up the Dongguan Shoes Show. On the contrary, we will continue to increase investment in Dongguan Shoes Show.” November 1st, At the 14th Dongguan Shoes Opening Ceremony, the organizer held a media meeting and faced the reporter's "Compared with previous sessions, this year's exhibitors and popularity are relatively deserted." The above answer. He also expressed the hope that he can strengthen cooperation with the local government and shoe enterprises to tide over the difficulties together.

After some customers diverted to the Canton Fair on the 1st after the opening ceremony, the reporter visited and found that compared with the previous session, the scale and popularity of this year's exhibitors have decreased significantly. There are no bustling scenes witnessed in this exhibition. More than 30 shoe company brands in the footwear industry participated in the Fair's Dongguan shoe company Huajian Group and the World Footwear Headquarters. They did not appear at this year's show.

Later, at the media meeting held by the organizers, Feng Peixi, deputy general manager of Düsseldorf Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., one of the organizers’ spokespersons, admitted: “Today, I must point out some of the problems behind. Now is the painful period for the transformation and upgrading of the entire footwear industry, including fierce competition between the exhibitions, and some customers have diverted themselves to the Canton Fair. We admit that it is an objective fact that business is difficult to do, but we have never given up Dongguan. On the contrary, we will increase Dongguan shoe show investment."

Feng Peixi added: “We believe that this kind of pain will not be too long. You go to the exhibition site and you will find that Chinese elements and Chinese customary styles have become domestic and foreign design goals and trends. The development of China’s world trend is becoming a trend. This also allows us to see the future and prospects of the Dongguan Shoes Fair."

Invited students of Hong Kong Institute of Design to participate in the exhibition The biggest difficulty in the transformation and upgrading generally reflected by the company is the lack of design talents. The organizer specially invited students from the Hong Kong Institute of Design to participate in the exhibition. More than 50 items such as bags, shoes, clothing, and accessories were from the School of Design students. The exhibition of works. “They are all designers of the future. Freshmen design strength. We hope to build a platform for the connection between talents and companies.”

In addition, this exhibition, the Portuguese Footwear Association for the first time with its members TATUAGGI, BE E PI and other exhibitors. At the same time, the world trend authority WG SN launched the "Spring and Summer 2012 and future fashion women's shoes and accessories popular forecast", the German shoes exhibition GDS official fashion trends distribution agency Y trends to bring "How to set up a successful footwear industry design department", "2012 /2013 Autumn/Winter 2013, Spring/Summer 2013 'Young Fashion Series' Trends,' and 'The Economic Development of the Footwear Industry'.

In response to the challenges faced by the shoe industry in the context of environmental changes and the concerns of the industry, the organizers invited domestic and foreign industry experts to discuss and share experiences including design, branding, trade standards, domestic sales channels, and corporate management.

What is the current trend of warm air and Chinese style? According to the organizers, if you walk around the exhibition site, you will find that Chinese elements and Chinese customary styles have become domestic and foreign design goals and trends. The development of China's world trend is becoming a trend. This also allows us to see the future and prospects of the Dongguan Shoes Fair.

Focus: "Internal sales must be developed, but foreign sales cannot be abandoned"

In response to the trend of the export of domestic manufacturing from China to the domestic market, the reporter found that, in fact, domestic sales were still lukewarm and did not receive much favor from exhibitors.

Each booth on the site has a logo “international market” or “Chinese and international market” to remind buyers to purchase in a targeted manner. In fact, most of the enterprises are still placing orders for “Chinese and international markets” for foreign customers. The logo is only a few sporadic.

Feng Peixi said at the press conference: “We are all doing business. Where there is a single issue, the transformation is forced by the market and we will not deliberately do domestic or foreign markets. Companies that are now doing domestic sales are burning money. Use the money earned by foreign sales to open up the domestic market. But domestic sales can be done, and companies can get rid of 'outside support' and achieve balance between revenue and expenditure, which may take several years."

As a representative of the domestic sales company who attended the media meeting, Yi Yang, the general manager of the footwear industry, said: “We have been working for three years and now we are selling half of our domestic sales. We only dare to say that domestic sales has only just begun and we must achieve Balance, a conservative estimate of 3 years."

Zhu Yulun, chairman of the organizer of Hong Kong Adsale Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., reminded: “We guide everyone to open up the domestic market, but not exporting, do not expect to completely abandon the traditional external market. Europe and the United States economy is sluggish, and recovery takes a long time However, with the advent of new customers such as Russia and ASEAN abroad, new consumer markets are also emerging, and the foreign market space remains large.”

Model: From making OEM to a pair of shoes priced at 1800 yuan as one of Dongguan City, "advanced industrial restructuring and transformation and upgrading of enterprises," one, Dongguan Qi Sheng Footwear Co., Ltd. experience has received much attention.

As early as in 1997, Yin Jiqi ended the original foundry and set up a new factory in Santun Village, Houjie, which is called Qisheng Shoes. Since 2004, Qi Sheng has invested most of its funds in R&D. "From 2004 to 2008, we have been paying tuition fees." Yin Jiqi said.

2008 was a turning point for Yin Jiqi. The Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee issued an order for 2000 pairs of shoes for Qisheng Shoes, which greatly enhanced the company's brand awareness. In the same year, the financial crisis caused many foreign-owned OEM shoe factories to close down. Yin Jiqi more determined to take the independent brand line, he was glad that he took a step forward. At present, the company has a total of more than 100 professional development and design personnel, the annual development of new models up to 3,000. From 2002 to 2010, they sold only 60 pairs of shoes a month and sold more than 10,000 pairs a month. It is said that their shoes are also the cheapest to sell 1,500 yuan / double. Because Qi Sheng has mastered the pricing power on the domestic market, he can raise the cost by digesting the price. Now the basic unit price of some shoes has risen from 1,500 yuan to 1,800 yuan. Today, Qisheng has opened more than 180 specialty stores in more than one third of the country's provincial capitals and first-tier cities. (Author: Huang Ya-Ya intern reporter Zhang Xu)

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